Still-life with cake, Acrylics on Canvas, 21x21in, 2017

Umbrella, Acrylics on canvas board, 10x16in, 2018.

Figure Study, Color Pencil & Graphite on Paper, 18.5x15in

Forever Possessed, Ink, Marker and Color Pencil on Bristol, 9.5x13in, 2018.

Two Birds - One Stone, Micron Ink on Bristol, 14x12in

Mikko Rattari, Graphite on paper, 12x9in.

The Rattaris, NeedleWork, DMC Thread on Canvas, 12x12in.

Riomaggiore, Copic Markers, Ink & Color Pencils on Bristol, 16.5x12.5in

Francesca Fernandes, Color Pencils & Graphite on Paper, 15.5x11.5in, 2017

Hero, Graphite & Micron Ink on Bristol, 11.5x7.5in

Pastel portrait on toned paper, 2015.

Abstract - Leaf Study, Pastel on Paper, 12x12in, 2015

Khaleeji Vibes, Digital Drawing, 2017.

Have a Like, Caricature, digital work, 2018