I am an illustrator from Dubai, UAE, residing in Dallas, TX. I received my BFA in Illustration with an emphasis in Children’s Books from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2019. 

I create illustrations for children and adults; rich in storytelling and intense in color, above all my work is fun and is never too serious. Influenced by exceptional people that I know and special places that I’ve seen, I love to highlight the magic of everyday life, which includes the tangible and the imagined. I often work in vibrant colors to exaggerate the extraordinary subtleties that make each subject unique. I render with realism in traditional and digital mediums, including ink, felt pens, paints, color pencils, pastels and clay. My style is representational and highly detailed, abundant in textures and natural patterns. I work by obsessively correcting and re-working what’s already been corrected and re-worked too many times to keep count.

In my illustrations, I choose to ignore the fact that life is cruel and unfair, which is why, currently, my portfolio is mostly a collection of happy places, fierce personalities, timeless charm and nostalgia. Ultimately, I am grateful to be able to create, spread love and keep moving forward.